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Jean Larrivée became interested in guitars at an early age and, as a student of Edgar Mönch, built his first two guitars. After trying several different bracing patterns, Jean arrived at what he called "success through ignorance." Twenty-five years later, a much-refined version of this bracing pattern is still the heart of all Larrivée steel-string guitars.

From 1971 to 1977, Larrivée Guitars grew. In 1972 Jean and Wendy Jones were married. Wendy would make her own unique contribution, designing and engraving the exquisite picture inlays for which Larrivée guitars are famous. As their popularity grew, so did staff. In 1976, eight people were producing twenty-five to thirty instruments a month. But after the move to Victoria, British Columbia, to be nearer to the quantities of spruce and cedar he needed, Jean began to confront the issues of maintaining quality while increasing quantity. After installing a climate-controlled construction room and an industrial paint booth, Jean designed and built specialized machines and tooling which made it possible to build more guitars, and to achieve a higher level of precision at the same time. Within a year of the move, fourteen people were producing four guitars a day.

After relocating to the mainland in 1982, and several years of making solid-body electrics, Jean returned to his first love of making acoustics in 1989. The time spent building electrics was invaluable as Jean reinvented his acoustic guitar production techniques. Computer-controlled milling machines were brought into the process and new models were added.

In 1991, when the acoustic market had made a full comeback, Larrivée's 35 people were making 25 guitars a day. In 1997, with the success of the D-03 (the only all solid wood guitar for under $800) and a March 1998 move to a new 33,000 square foot facility in the heart of Vancouver, 100 highly skilled people made 60-72 guitars a day.

On September 1, 2001, Larrivée expanded again, and opened the door on its new factory in southern California. After the events of 9/11/2001 (just 10 days later) and an understandable downturn in the market, business was slow for a couple of years and production dropped to 35 guitars a day. Larrivée spent this time redesigning the -03 Series, and the development of the Traditional Series. These additions to factory space and building techniques have allowed Larrivée to achieve even higher levels of efficiency and quality control which benefit buyers and players alike.

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